Introduction to Ayurveda

Date: October 29th (10am to 1:00 pm.)
Location: Equilibrium Yoga Studio, Montreal
Ayurveda is a 5,000 years old holistic science from India that uses a combination of lifestyle, nutrition, herbs, mantra and yoga to help address health issues and prevent them through a mind, body, spirit perspective in order to bring balance in these areas. In this workshop, your will learn the fundamental pillars of Ayurevda, the body/mind constitution (doshas), their tendencies, ‘Dinacarya’: daily routine practices and tips to get started on your road to longevity.

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Private or corporate yoga class

With more than 10 years practicing and teaching yoga, I will guide you through 60 or 90 min classes. I teach with precision (Iyengar based), a profound intuition (introspection and restorative yoga) some challenge (vinyasa and hatha), and therapeutic skills (ayurvedic background and knowledge in anatomy and physilogogy).

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Ayurveda in everyday life

Through workshops or longer trainings, discover the link between Ayurveda and your daily life and how you can improve your quality of life with simple and efficient tools.

Possible workshop themes:
– Stress reduction
– Yoga with the seasons
– Improve your sleep
– Discover a diet that suits your constitution
– Introduction to Ayurveda…

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Ayurvedic cooking classes

1/2 day workshop to learn the basics of ayurvedic cooking.


30h training to deepen your knowledge of the foundation of healthy, fresh, cooking, according to the season and your constitution.


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Ayurveda and Yoga

For yoga teachers.

Bring your teaching to the next level and learn how to use ayurveda to customize your yoga class on the basis of the imbalances detected in your students (insomnia, anxiety, anger, overachievement…) and discover how to modify your class depending of the season or the dominant dosha.

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The Art of Touch in Yoga

Have you ever felt in your yoga practice that you need someone to assist you into a pose. Do you wish you had the skills to help others? Then, this workshop is for you. You will learn skillful adjustments in a variety of yoga positions including laying down, sitting, standing and restorative.

This course is informative as well as a fun way to explore and communicate through touch.

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