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Ayurveda is an indian medicine that is thousands of years old and still used today. Although its approach is foremost preventive, Ayurveda is also a comprehensive medical system that considers every person differently.

The work of an Ayurvedic practitioner is to support their patient in finding their balance. Lack of balance is the true cause of disease according to Ayurveda. When you are in a harmonious relationship with your environment, through your lifestyle and diet, you can be happy and healthy again.

Through an ayurvedic consultation and massages, you will walk on the path to balance.

Ayurvedic Consultation

Through an ayurvedic questionnaire, the observation of your physical and emotional characteristics, and with the pulse intake, the ayurvedic therapist will establish your profile. She will then explain your innate constitution (Prakriti) and the further imbalances that has occurred (Vikriti). According to this evaluation, she will propose a personalized program based on diet, lifestyle, daily routines and exercises…

This first meeting could help to:
•  Raise you level of energy
•  Improve your digestion
•  Settle your mind
•  Help you get better sleep
•  Reconnect to your true self
•  Have better concentration…

FEES (taxes included):


These services are also available in the following packages:

$135 (value of $150)
1h30 Preliminary consultation
45 min follow-up
$220 (value of $240)
1h30 Preliminary consultation
45 min follow-up
$250 (value of $290)
1h30 Preliminary consultation
45 min follow-up
Facial marma

Ayurvedic Massages

Abhyanga (warm oil massage)

Only offered to women.

Massage on a table, with oil (warmed to body temperature) carefully chosen to balance your mind and body. The oils calm the nervous system, loosen the joints and help the skin restore its elasticity, as well as to balance the three doshas (constitution of the body in Ayurveda). Thanks to its moderate and flowing pace, using circular and gliding pressure, frictions and acupressure points, Abhyanga massage brings relaxation and balance to the body.


Marma Points

Fingers press gently on specific acupressure points while lying on a table with your clothes on. Marma point treatment enables energy to flow freely on all levels (body, mind, emotion and spirit). Especially recommended in times of change, great stress, decision making, disease and remission. An extremely restorative therapy for the whole body and its various systems, down to the cellular level.


Facial marma

This head and face treatment combine points on the head and a face massage. Soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating for the entire system. The stimulation of marma points enhances the depth of the treatment. Oil is applied to the face, providing nourishment and restorative moisture.


Kati Basti

In Ayurveda, Basti plays an important role to detoxify and lubricate the body. For half an hour, the sacrum will be bathed in warm oil (specifically prepared with herbs), bringing deep relaxation to the whole spine. This treatment is really effective for soothing lumbar pains and supporting digestion.


Massage with ayurvedic approach

All massages can start with an ayurvedic evaluation to get to know your constitution. With this reading, the therapist will personalize the massage according your profile changing the rhythm, pressure, postures, intention… and will give you a clear explanation of your constitution.


Note: All prices include taxes.

Paiements: Paiements can be made by checks, cash or interact transfer before your appointment.

Cancellation: Everyone’s time is precious. We insist on a 24h notice. This will allow us to give a free space to someone who needs it. If you don’t give us a 24h notice, a $30 fees will be charged.

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 Louise, 50 years old

With sweetness and deep listening, Eleonore brought me wellness and inner calm. The experience has given me much more than I expected. Everything was done at my own pace and according to my needs. It was nice sweetness to add to my life.

Marie-Hélène, 29 years old

The massage therapy sessions and yoga with Eleonore allowed me to develop a greater self-awareness. It’s a chance to be guided and accompanied in my personal approach by a person who is an attentive listener. Each massage was a profound experience. I also had the opportunity to learn practical exercises, for example yoga, meditation, self-knowledge and creativity that I now apply in my daily life; it was much more valuable than just a yoga class or treatment. With her non-judgmental ability to grasp who I am, Eleonore facilitated my journey towards self-awareness. With an open mind, she enabled to find trust in who I am.