9 Tips to Lose Weight with Ayurveda

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In a world where magazines’ photos lead us to constantly look at our body, it makes us question our ‘healthy’ weight. When people come to me for a consultation, the first thing I look at is the profile of the person.

What is their true nature that defines them, both physically and mentally? This is how I get a glimpse of the person’s corpulence.

  • People born with a Vata profile will tend to take and lose weight more easily.
  • People with a Pitta profile usually maintain a medium weight with good musculature, but they will tend to gain weight around the belly.
  • Kapha people, who are larger in size, will be the ones who will gain weight the more easily.

I would never ask a Kapha profile to try to achieve a thin Vata’s weight: it would be unnatural. We have to learn to know our true nature and respect it.

Dieting: Yes or No?

If, however, you do not feel well and want to lose weight, all the information out there and ever-changing weight-loss trends might overwhelm you! It is proven that dieting doesn’t last: it might help you lose some weight right away but most of the time, in the long run, people tend to gain back their initial weight and even more… So forget about a targeted diet to lose weight, but make sure you adopt appropriate eating habits and a healthy lifestyle!

9 Tips to Lose Weight With Ayurveda

What does the 5,000 year-old Ayurvedic philosophy have to say on the subject?

1. Eat in season and local as much as possible. It is unnatural to eat out of season. Remember that your body is the microcosm of what is happening outside, so it would create a new imbalance.

2. Exercise regularly without too much intensity. The intensity might activate the nervous system and therefore Vata, which could compensate by stocking up! It has been proven that alternating 10 min intervals of intense exercises with periods of rest is more efficient.

3. Breathe through the nose more often and especially during effort. Breathing through the nose activates the metabolism and helps to lose weight.

4. Eat 3 times a day. Skipping a meal is actually the worst thing you can do.

5. Eat your main meal at lunchtime.

6. Avoid too heavy and cold foods (processed food, bread, pasta, ice cream, water with ice cubes…). It would only slow down your digestive fire and therefore your ability to turn food into resources.

7. Drink small amounts of hot water regularly during the day. Drinking cold water (and sodas for that matter) is the worst thing to do!

8. Find websites, blogs and videos with inspiring recipes using whole foods and less meat: cereals (quinoa, millet, rice, buckwheat, etc.), legumes, vegetables (green ones especially). (Re)discover the joys of cooking and trying new foods!

9. Make sure you sleep well at night, and especially before 10pm. That’s when your body needs the rest to do its work of ‘cleansing’. Read our blog post about sleeping troubles

Slowly but surely!

Take your time when making lifestyle changes: it should help you maintain momentum. It doesn’t matter if you introduce small changes progressively, as long as you stick with them!




Éléonore Piquet

Éléonore Piquet

Éléonore Piquet est thérapeute en ayurveda de l’école d’Ayurveda de Kripalu. Elle offre des consultations privées en hygiène de vie et alimentation, des massages ayurvédiques ainsi que des ateliers. Elle est aussi massothérapeute et enseignante en massage thaïlandais. Elle est professeure de yoga E-RYT 500 avec plus de 9 ans d’expérience. Sa passion pour le corps humain et l’amélioration de l’art de vivre l’amène toujours plus loin dans la connaissance de soi et ses enseignements. Elle vous recevra avec douceur et vous guidera en profondeur pour vous aider à améliorer votre qualité de vie.

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